Online Programs & Workshops

Iyengar Yoga Home Practice… Jump start your practice with less than a dollar a day with a maximum of 20 minutes. Concise, precise, simple. Allow the mind to quiet, find stillness and release. Let the body stretch, tone and relax. Give the soul time to pacify, expand, and elevate. Simplicity, efficiency, ease. More details to come.

Soul Food Introductory… Would you like to get a taste of what Maya Michelle’s soulful nutrition programs? Get ready for our 5-day online session that will give you immediate access to the keys, tools and resources you have been needing to make the commitment and transformation you desire. You will not look at food the same way again. You will finally have the healthy relationship, you’ve always wanted with food, and you will gain insights and wisdom for implementing a new perspective that works for you.

Soul Food Advanced… Join Maya Michelle for 4 weeks of unparalleled perspectives of how to nourish the body, mind and soul. She will lead you in an exploration of your relationship with food, your food cravings, gut health, high vibrational nourishment and much more. This program expands across three levels, each one building upon the next. If you’re tired of all the impossible and time consuming diet plans or the failed attempts to creating a healthy relationship with food…if you are ready for optimized health and high energy, his is the program for you.

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Soul Food Mastery… Once you start using these  keys, tools and resources for the mind, body and soul, you’ll want to really practice and share with your family and friends. That means it’s  time to take these new habits and turn them into lifestyle. It takes 400 reputations to learn something new and create a new habit. After 1000 repetitions we become masters. This monthly membership program is designed for you to connect and work with other learned practitioners with Maya Michelle’s guidance. With this mentorship program we move from the reflective intra-personal  space into exploratory safe interpersonal  spaces. Stay tuned for more information.

Embodiment of Self… is an extraordinary, 6-week, online mastermind workshop. We will take you on an exciting journey into Source Healing, Source Magic and Sacred Source understanding. Join us for a powerful group connection to uncover and release irrelevant blocks of identity and relation. You’ll find renewed strength in your intuition. You will grow closer to your spirit guides and stride confidently into the life you know you are meant to live.

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  • 26 April – 7 June 2020 
  • TBD November 2020

Weekend Workshops… are a great way to gain empowering information, to create awareness and to connect with like-minded people. So, why not dedicate one of your weekends to spark lasting change in your lifestyle? At Mind Body Soul Retreats we recognise the bonds we make with each other through breath, communication, and culture. Join us for a day of exploration and empowerment, as we savour and share a combination of topics such as:

  • Plant Based Nutrition
  • Diets & Weight Loss
  • Fasting, Cleansing, Detox
  • Healthy Gut 
  • Ancient Pranayama Breathwork
  • Authentic Relating
  • Sacred Ceremony
  • Intuitive Sacred Arts
  • Career Clarity & Abundance Mindset

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Iyengar Yoga… Join us for a day of yoga therapy. Maya Michelle is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, which means that before she was permitted to teach Iyengar Yoga, she studied and trained with senior teachers in a training program that lasts 3 years and includes more than 2500+ hours of teacher training. She’s been studying and teaching yoga since 2007. Since Iyengar Yoga offers the Gold Standard in quality training and instruction, you are assured of quality teaching, competence and classroom safety. Maya’s yoga workshops typically run a full day, are open to all levels. So do not be shy, she will meet you at your level of yoga practice. A typical workshop will include:

  • Themed Iyengar Yoga Study
  • Restorative Yoga Session
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Plant Based Food
  • Rest & Recreation Time

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