Consulting & Co-Facilitation


I was 14 when I attended my first retreat. It was during these times as a youth leader, that I had my first sparks of curiosity about the soul experience. Since then, I’ve attended countless numbers of retreats, workshops, bootcamps and master programs. Inside intentionally set sacred spaces away from the routine of daily life the opportunities for self reflection and personal transformation are infinite.

I see Generations X, Y and Z as quite fortunate and unique in comparison with previous generations, as we have had so many more opportunities to attend retreats and to experience the positive benefits. It’s almost strange, if you’ve not been on one. Thinking about it, it seems we’ve co-created a world where we have been collectively nudged to embrace time away for reflection and introspection, for personal development and healing. These periods for growth are a fundamental part of creating a better world. These pauses from life for reflection and improvement are luxury that our parents and grandparents didn’t have.

Leading & Facilitating

Retreats and workshops are my passion. It’s an honor to share transformational space with people who take time, energy and funds to dedicate to self-inquiry and exploration. Not everyone has this fortune. I love the inspiration, vulnerability, connection and growth that always happens in these spaces. It’s like magic. People make a parentheses in their lives. Their lives change, often dramatically. I’m inspired by the insights, community and collective evolution. As such, I’m always enthusiastic about the various modalities we can use to transform ourselves and consequently our communities and the world at large.

As a Holistic Facilitator, I’ve been facilitating and co-facilitating retreats and workshops, covering a wide variety of subjects in Peru, France, Italy, Australia and Bali since 2010. Here is a short list of some of the work I do…

  • Team Building
  • Family Constellations
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Entrepreneurial Business Development
  • Theta Healing
  • Sacred Plant Medicine Healing
  • Metaphysical Anatomy Process
  • Raw Food
  • Water Fasting
  • Juice Cleansing
  • Theta Healing
  • Source Awakening
  • NLP 
  • Hypnosis
  • Men’s Personal Development
  • Women’s Personal Development
  • Stress & Trauma Healing
  • Authentic Communication
  • Sustainability Challenges and Transformation
Retreat and Workshop Consultations

Whatever role you play: therapist, doctor, coach, instructor, manager… Let’s connect. I love discussing the evolution of humankind, personal development, wellness, addiction, communication, sex, success, joy and the meaning of life. Don’t you? Let’s talk about your needs and plans for your upcoming retreat or workshop. Is this your first retreat? Are you nervous? Was your last retreat or workshop not quite what you expected? Do you need assistance in setting and organizing your retreat theme and daily objectives? With more than a decade of experience leading retreats and workshops, I can surely help to give you clarity and confidence. I can also adapt my services to complement the program you teach. I offer support, presentations, classes and services in the following areas…

  • Yoga
  • Pranayama Breathwork
  • QiGong
  • Authentic Communication
  • Afro-Latin Dance
  • Menu Planning
  • Nutrition
  • Sustainability Challenges and Transformation
  • Energy Healing
  • Events Planning
  • Stress & Trauma Recovery
  • Yoga Equipment Rental

I love working with Maya! She is powerhouse of knowledge, experience and motivation and gives each student her very best! Her eagle eyes also caught the special desired needs of each student that she worked with in our group setting. Her explanations of how the body works and why certain areas can become problematic and what to do about it was always extremely insightful for our students. Not only did they learn yoga, but they also learned how to connect with their body on a deeper spiritual and physical level.

– Evette Rose, Metaphysical Anatomy


Maya was a delight to have facilitate at my luxury raw food retreat. She has a very intuitive style of teaching. My clients were quick and easy to trust her. She flowed effortlessly with my week of events, taking my guests on a journey of mind and movement evolution, growth and expansion that tied in and complemented their detox and upgrade. I highly recommend Maya for your retreat or workshop!

–  Amanda, The Raw Food Kitchen


I’ve worked with Maya Michelle on more than 20 of my men’s personal development retreats. She is a true leader with a wealth of inspiration to share. Each time she adapts her expertise of Pranayama and Yoga to fit my evolving programs perfectly. Maya is a true Zen master who packs a powerful feminine punch.

–  Leigh, Team Beastmode International


Maya worked on numerous Bali Spirit retreats for me as a morning yoga teacher. She’s very attentive, dedicated and passionate about her work. My clients connected easily and quickly with her. There was one retreat in particular when she showed extraordinary dedication and was fundamental in designing a last minute, special dietary menu for one of my clients. She always brought patience, kindness, encouragement and support in all of our engagements. She has my highest recommendation. 

  Errol, Source Awakening Retreats & Bali Spirit Hotel

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Food and Nutrition

I was 17 when I began offering Marriott Food Services daily feedback about the inadequacies of their menus. My intent was just to eat better food. After two months, they offered me a job, which I declined. But over the course of four years, I continued to offer them consistent feedback, criticism and tips to improve their menu offering for Northwestern University students. 

My interests in food and health did not wane. Living 11 years in Italy and five years France, I immersed myself in the pleasures of the famed Mediterranean Cuisine and Lifestyle. For 16 years, I savored the foods of grandmothers, aunts, uncles and friends, as well as those of internationally renown Michelin Star Chefs. 

I became a cook myself. My passion for food and flavor was never lost. My understanding of pleasurable aromas and mouth sensations, informed me as I made small changes to traditional recipes with guidance from my doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Internal Medicine, both of whom are Italian.

During the first decade of 2000, I quickly became known by my friends as a healthy cook, who could create wondrously healthy dishes, that accurately mimicked the full flavors of the traditional dishes they grew up with. Among friends and family, I became a source of information and inspiration for new ways of improving the famed Mediterranean diet.  

Menu Consultations

There’s no denying it, I’m a foodie. I’m a flavor connoisseur. I reverse engineer recipes. I sneak in healthy alternatives to dishes. But most importantly I enjoy the sight, texture, smell, and flavor food and the pleasure of eating. Although my first unofficial client was at university back in 1991, since 2006 I’ve been working with private clients in their homes and at their hotels and restaurants. I create recipes and menus that offer flavorful alternatives for optimizing health. I research and adapt to local foods and climates to reduces waste, costs, and to create delicious, sustainable life-affirming options. 

Some of the places I’ve consulted…

  • Marriott Food Services, Illinois, USA
  • Private Residence, Maine, USA
  • Private Residence, Milano, Italia
  • Private Residence, Miami, USA
  • Private Residence, Nice, France
  • Santuario Hibiscus Hotel, Yunguilla Valley, Ecuador
  • Bali Spirit Hotel, Bali, Indonesia
  • Private Residence, Bali, Indonesia
  • Apicius Food Indonesia, Bali, Indonesia
  • Chef Nyoman’s Kitchen, Bali, Indonesia
  • Private Home, Queensland, Australia

Maya Michelle is phenomenal. La Cucina Italiana never tasted fresher, healthier, lighter, and still bursting with flavor. My skin, my belly and my wife thank her!

– Giancarlo, Milano, Italy


I was also lucky and honoured to have one of the most phenomenal nutritionists work with me for the three months. Maya Michelle helped me to transition my body to be eating exactly what I need for energy and fuel for my body and for brain clarity. I get all the natural vitamins and minerals through my food, no more supplements. I am literally now a walking healthy vibrant being.

I wanted to transition into a vegan diet and manage those extra bits of me around my belly. But to really understand that I don’t need meat for protein blew my mind. I really didn’t even know what vegan was. My vegetables hold everything I need!?! What!?! Maya helped me to transition to a Whole Foods Plant Based diet.

I’ve also gained a key skill working with Maya: I am finally understanding my hunger cues and I’m able to respond them calmly, eating what I actually need when I need it. The result? I have been smashing out workouts and looking for more. My energy has been insane and my mental clarity is now open and on point. I have never felt so good as I do now.

Weight loss – 73.1 down to 58.4 loss of 14.7kgs 
Body Fat – 35% started 28% – down 7%
Age Analysis – I went from 58 down to 32
Weight Loss around my waist was 22cms

I am 46 years old and I am bloody proud of it. My body gives to me like a 26 year old in every way and I am beyond excited to keep this transformation happening. There is zero illness or mental stress getting into this body. My vibration is so high I am flying. If you are looking for a bit of what I have then contract Maya. She can help create the perfect program for you, and now is the perfect time to start to understand and thrive in your body mentally, physically and emotionally

NO EXCUSE my friends just find what works best for you!

–  Leisa, CEO of Leisa Nadler International, Queensland, Australia


In just 30 days Maya Michelle revolutionized my kitchen and my diet. I learned so many simple tips! She’s a wealth of knowledge. I love French culture and Mediterranean cooking, so she was able to help me to reproduce the wonders of those dishes in my own home. Maya is so patient, gracious and humble in her approach. She had lessons for me at the supermarket, the farmer’s market and health food stores. She taught me so many efficient and simple tips for food storage, preparation and consumption. After working with Maya, I feel so much more knowledgeable and in control in my kitchen!

–  Charlotte, Maine, USA


Maya Michelle came out to stay with us for a month, while we renovated our hotel. We wanted to create a small, sustainable get away for people who love nature and who are curious about all that Ecuador has to offer. We are omnivores, but we wanted to have a versatile menu that also provides options for vegan and vegetarian clients. Maya was fantastic. She researched all the local foods. She went to the markets and learned from locals. We visited cane and coffee plantations and learned many traditional ways from the people already living there. Maya helped us to create some simple main dishes, appetizers and desserts for people with alternative diets. She gave us many tips and strategies for how to create new recipes with the local food. She made it intuitive and simple.

  Franciska and Dan, Santuario Hibiscus

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Relevant Qualifications


2011 Nutrition & Health Coach, Specilization: Holistic Nutrition. INSTITUTE OF INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION. NEW YORK, NY, USA

1996 Emergency Medical Technician, EMTB Ambulance Emergency Care. STATE OF ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH. CHICAGO, IL, USA

1995 Communication Studies & Performance Studies, Bachelor of Science. NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, EVANSTON, IL, USA

1993 American College Health Association. NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY. Baltimore, MD, USA




2020 Trauma Release Teacher-Trainer. METAPHYSICAL ANATOMY PROCESS with Evette Rose. BALI, INDONESIA

2015 Trauma Release Practitioner Levels 1 & 2. METAPHYSICAL ANATOMY PROCESS with Evette Rose. BALI, INDONESIA

2014 Guided Soul Journeying, Healing, Meditation & Sacred Balinese Ceremony. SOURCE AWAKENING with Errol Campbell. BALI, INDONESIA

2013 First Degree Initiation, Usui System of Reiki. USUI REIKI UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY with Cat Wheeler. BALI, INDONESIA


2010 Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy. SUCCESS NLP & HYPNOSIS ACADEMY with Roy Martina, MD. EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS

1995 Communication Studies & Performance Studies, Bachelor of Science. NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, EVANSTON, IL, USA



2019 Junior Intermediate I & II Training IYENGAR YOGA PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT with Olop Arpipi. BALI, INDONESIA

2015 Junior Intermediate I & II Training. IYENGAR YOGA PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT with Carole Beillargeon. BALI, INDONESIA

2015-2017 Workshops and Retreats with Judith Adank, Senior Teacher. BALI, INDONESIA.


2013 – 2019 Iyengar Yoga Institute with Olop Arpipi, Senior 2 Teacher. BALI, INDONESIA.

2013 Certified Iyengar®Yoga Instructor, Introductory II (880 hours). ANUTTARA INSTITUT DE YOGA IYENGAR with Christian Pisano & June Whittaker. NICE, FRANCE

2012 Convention Nationale, Association Française de Yoga Iyengar with Senior Iyengar Teachers from RIMYI including Abhijata S. Iyengar,  NANTERRE, FRANCE.

2012 Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Base II (880 hours). ANUTTARA INSTITUT DE YOGA IYENGAR with Christian Pisano & June Whittaker. NICE, FRANCE

2011 Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Base I (880 hours). ANUTTARA INSTITUT DE YOGA IYENGAR with Christian Pisano & June Whittaker. NICE, FRANCE

2008 – 2013 Anuttara Institut de Yoga Iyengar with Christian Pisano, Senior Advanced & June Whittaker, Senior 3 Teacher. NICE, FRANCE

2007 – 2008 Iyengar Yoga Institute Milano with Eugenia Dalla Valle, Junior Intermediate Teacher. MILAN, ITALY


2012 Body Balancing Biodynamic Massage Therapy. SHIASTU SCUOLA, OSHO DIVINE HEALING ARTS. MILAN, ITALY

2010 Ayurvedic, Swedish, Shiatsu techniques (200 hours). RELAXATION MASSAGE THERAPY with Marc Nouvellot. NICE, FRANCE

2007-2008 Chiropractic Therapy, NETWORK SPINAL ANALYSIS with Dr Daniel Blewitt. MILAN, ITALY

2007 Pranayama Breathing Techniques Ashram Delhi, India, EIGHT TRADITION PRANAYAMA with Sushma Kanwar. MILAN, ITALY

2007 1st Classification, Grand Gala Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style. 11th Annual Tai Chi Festival. PROFESSIONAL WUSHU KUNG FU ASSOCIATION. BELGIOIOSO (PV) ITALY.

2004-2007 5th Level Ji, Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style. PROFESSIONAL WUSHU KUNG FU ASSOCIATION with Diego Zanon & Walter Lorini. MILAN, ITALY