Soul Food

Ending Your Codependent Relationships through High Vibe Nutrition

Part Two: Understanding Sacred Nourishment

Are you ready to upgrade the way you look at hunger, food and nourishment? In these Advanced Practitioner Programs we will cover revolutionary concepts for each level, diving deep to excavate your core issues and uproot the outdated and obsolete programming that fuels unconscious, mindless eating, soul starvation, body malnutrition and lowered immunity. If you’re ready to heal the spirit, resolve your addictions, cravings and emotional eating, if you’re ready to reconnect mind, body and soul, this is where you want to begin.

Level 1

We will focus and clarify the issues that cause cravings, binging and emotional eating. We will clear the chakras related to these concerns and rebalance them. With this fresh optimization you will feel grounded and equipped with a foundation and unshakable inner will to proceed. Level 1 also includes an exploration of immune boosting and adaptogen foods, as this program fully integrates mind, body and soul work, combining science with spirituality, integrating the insights and wisdom of the physical, mental and ephemeral. Get ready for Level 1 where we will take the keys of competency and unlock your challenges at their core.

Level 2

With the clarity and awareness of your keys of competency,  we will continue to address any personal setbacks that may surface.  We will uproot obsolete core beliefs to access, nourish and foster the growth of intuitive methods for understanding hunger and starvation. During level 2 we will also explore gut health and probiotic foods, once again integrating the insights of physical science with mindset mastery and reflective soul work. You will gain ground-breaking tools that will unearth the blocks that create unhealthy eating habits.  You will finally and solidly renew your relationship with food. 

Level 3

During this 3rd level we will explore high vibrational diets from the mind, body and soul perspectives. You will gain new knowledge of source energy and learn to adequately respond to your hunger cues and starvation signals with intelligence, confidence, and clarity. With the competency and awareness from levels 1 & 2, you will hone your proficiency of resourcefulness in level 3, as you integrate new methods for feeling satiated and fulfilled with your newly empowered lifestyle and understanding of true and sacred nourishment.

Would you like to take a preliminary course before diving deep into Soul Food Nourishment? 

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Sign up for the VIP option if you want individual guidance and personalized attuning, healings and alignments during your month-long journeys. With the VIP option you will receive all of the outstanding support withI ¬†the group trainings, plus the extra perks for your unique journey. You will begin your monthly program with an assessment coaching and grounding call. You’ll receive personalized support throughout each month. And we will close the training with a follow-up integration call to facilitate a seamless transition into your new and improved lifestyle empowered with updated wisdom, relevant habits and core beliefs.

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