NARELLE is a gifted Mentor, Author, Speaker, Healer and Visionary. From Australia’s Gold Coast she works with Entrepreneurs and Leaders around the globe, assisting them in their ascension to the next level. Narelle lives by the notion that we all have access to infinite possibilities – starting with a life that is rich, magical, easy and fun! With her innate talent for unlocking greatness and activating true potential, she possesses a genuine love for humanity that drives her towards her vision of seeing everyone succeed. In this way Narelle envisions the entire planet benefiting from the expression of full potential of all humans. As an Ascension Coach and Multidimensional Healer, she channels Light Language and uses this powerful tool to help her clients come into full alignment, clearing any blocks as well as activating and rejuvenating the body on a cellular and energetic level. She brings extensive experience in the journey of self love, intuition and harnessing the magic of manifestation to ignite the inner flame and inspire greater connection with the highest expression of the self.