Leisa Nadler

LEISA is multi-modality Healing Specialist and Mentor. Though her passion is helping women through Trauma Release Therapy, she also has an instinctive penchant for Career Clarity and Optimization.

Leisa was born in the land of the long white cloud: beautiful New Zealand. She grew up in a struggling, single-parent home that developed into the dark sides of life in early adulthood. Seven years ago, Leisa was totally broken, having suicidal thoughts, daily panic attacks, crippled by self-abuse, addiction, sexual abuse and feeling completely stuck in her past. She had a series of life-changing events that allowed her to see that self-worth and commitment to personal growth would heal her life. Leisa’s gritty experiences led her to create her own unique method for guiding women into a life of connection, joy, clarity and abundance. Leisa’s growth signaled a deep understanding:  the past does not define the future. This sparked a passion in her that reunited her with her life’s purpose:

  • to help others through whatever they need, so they can rise and thrive and become whatever they desire.
  • to help others release what does not serve them, so they can expand into their purpose with total power and conviction.

As a best-selling co-author and founder of her own company, Leisa Nadler International & Sacred Connection Retreats, she commits her energy in service of unleashing the sacred feminine and expanding the field of genuine sisterhood. She is impassioned and fully devoted to connecting all who are ready with inspiration and freedom. It is an absolute joy collaborating with Leisa both online and in parson for our Mind Body Soul: The Sacred Connection Retreats & Workshops.