JOKO joins our retreats in Bali, as our Events Coordinator and Healing Therapist. He has had a profound and transformational impact on hundreds of visitors to the island. When you work with Joko, you will find that he is truly like no other. Always connected with the Source of Mother Earth, he is a spritely man, boundless with joyful energy. He’s disguised as Bali’s number one tour guide operator, with a transportation company that employs local Indonesian males, shaping them to become responsible and reliable men. 

Joko was born in West Bali into a family with lineage from East Java, where you’ll find the actual origins of Balinese Hinduism and Sacred Healing. He has always been very close with his grandfather and his uncle. From his father’s father Joko learned the roots of East Javanese and Balinese Spirituality. His father’s brother taught him the foundations of energy healing, the connections and power of Mother Earth, and how to weave his own unique gifts and extend ancient energy healing and wisdom to others. At the age of 20, Joko was introduced to Silat, the Indonesian Traditional Martial Art. Through this training his curiosity intensified, and since his family had already given him the knowledge of energy and sacred healing, Joko tapped immediately into his own inner power and energy as he practiced. It was during this time that he began healing himself and extending his healing practice to others. With the guidance of his grandfather and uncle, Joko began helping many people. It became clear to him that Sacred Energy Healing was his true calling.

One of the peculiar and glorious aspects about Indonesians is their level of tolerance and acceptance. The archipelago is home to many religions, of which the government officially recognizes six. Because of this, it is very common to find within one family devout Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists. Joko is unique in that he has taken this level of tolerance a step deeper. He’s actually personally  integrated his family’s mix of religions into his own personal life. He has crafted his own spiritual practice that supports also the energy healing that he offers. Joko doesn’t distinguish between the religions, rather he sees all of the commonalities between each religion and devoutly integrates the spirituality of each to form one practice that also holds the power and wisdom of Mother Earth at its center. 

Joko is an Energy Healer. The real thing. I felt immediately safe with him, and though I wasn’t completely aware of all my issues, I felt comfortable and able to trust his guidance. He released many physical and mental blocks I didn’t really ever pay attention to. I’m so grateful to have met him. I feel lighter, freer, lighter, like a different person. 
• T., Germany

I loved the waterfall. I was a bit nervous at first. I want to go back again! 
• I., Canada

Joko is competent and charming. He has so much knowledge of Balinese and Indonesian culture. He is friendly and bubbling with energy. He always made me smile. 
• R., USA

I’ve collaborated on over 30 retreats with Joko Ariyono, a private “tour guide” in Bali. If you’ve read the book The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, and you meet Joko, you will be reminded of Socrates, the unassuming “gas station attendant”. Joko has a remarkable combination of talents and a vast knowledge of humanity, humanness, and healing. As a cultural guide, interpreter, and healer, his service and wisdom are unparalleled. Joko is consistent, dependable, professional, witty and fun. 
• Maya Michelle