ADI, a native of Indonesia, studied in China, where his father is from, at the Taijin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where he specialized in Acupuncture. He’s also certified in Reflexology, Reiki, and as a Sports Therapy practitioner. Trained and certified at the highest levels for both Traditional Javanese Massage Therapy and Traditional Balinese Massage Therapy, he is a master in the Sacred Healing Arts.

When Adi works with a client, he draws from a wide body knowledge of Traditional Chinese and Southeast Asian Healing Therapies to target and relieve specific areas of tension in the body. He takes time to listen and discuss the needs of the client, before deciding on a procedure and treatment. Adi creates a calming, relaxing experience. His approach is fluid and transparent. With world class expertise Adi identifies physical and energic blocks, while swiftly combining appropriate techniques to address and soothe the immediate and subtle, long-term needs of the client. Your healing experiences with Adi will be unlike any you’ve ever had before.

“Adi, wow! I wish I could take him home with me. He has hands of gold. I’ve been to many massage parlors around the world and no one has ever been able to address the pains in my upper back as expertly and effectively as he did. “

• S., Singapore