Sacred Connection to Self: Embrace Your Inner Wisdom and Heal

This is a rare and unique opportunity to retreat into the old world charm at a privately owned historic villa, rarely open to the public, of an Italian couple.

Whisk yourself away from the routine of your life into the peace of untouched nature for a week of connecting with Mother Earth in the Lower Alps of Northwest Italy in the famous Piemonte Region, Piedmont, or Foot of the Mountain.

Join us at this sanctuary that’s just an hour’s drive from Milan. Immerse yourself into these Alpine foothills that stretch into mesmerizing rice fields and bountiful, time-worn vineyards to the south.

Let us take you deep into a healing retreat, a getaway to another time and another place in another century, where the worlds of culture, nature and gourmet food intertwine.

Imagine yourself as you…

Breathe deeply the clean, fresh, crisp Alpine air.

Drink pristine mountain water, sourced daily from a local mountain spring. 

Find your perfect and private little nook at the estate in the surrounding luscious gardens, delicately shadowed by wisteria, azalea and rhododendrons, where you’ll reflect deeply, peacefully and safely, while connecting with the delicate smells carried by the gentle breeze.

Listen to the chimes of the bell tower of the 13th century church in the village below.

Hear the crunch of leaves beneath your feet, as you walk along gentle paths beneath wise old chestnut, beech and pine trees in the delightful woodlands that surround the property.

You will surrender deep into yourself, connecting easily to hear the gentle whispers of your soul.

Are you a VIP?

  • As a VIP you will enjoy an authentic and exclusive expedition to the neo-gothic Castle of Montecavallo, tour the estate’s historic grounds and winery, and participate in a private tasting of their local agricultural production. 
  • You will enjoy an exclusive dinner with your lead retreat facilitators the night of the finish day of the retreat. This is as close to us that you can get, a captured audience, to ask anything your soul desires and be in the energy of the beautiful heart-centred lead facilitators. 
  • You will receive an extra night’s accommodation at the Villa.
  • You will receive a Mind Body Soul Alignment & Reconnection Online Session with Maya Michelle.
  • You will receive a signed copy of “Her Art of Surrender” by co-author Leisa Nadler. This book is a number one best seller, a collection of inspiring life stories of goddesses, who, just like you, have overcome obstacles in their lives. 
  • You will receive an extra body massage treatment. 
  • You will receive a 30-minute Integration, Alignment, Flow Call with a lead facilitator and remain connected after the retreat during this critical integration period. This call will keep you in the explosive expansion of your life and help you to integrate the new identity you will create during the retreat. 

Are you a VIP? Connect with us and find out which retreat option fits your needs and personality best. Now is the moment for you to reserve your spot to give yourself the time and space for making the upgrades in your life, that will create positive rippling effects in your relationships, your workspace, and your community. 

Why this retreat?

At the Sacred Connection to Self, you will be encouraged and supported by our team of “real people” experts who know what it is like to go through periods of life lacking confidence, clarity and trust. Our experienced facilitators will support you in understanding, as they too have experienced failure, loss, grief, shock, and separation. You will be guided to learn how to reparent yourself and to safely witness and process these ignored emotions, hidden away, buried.

The Sacred Connection to Self retreat is a safe place to make new connections and to explore new ways of achieving the life you deserve. You will be relieved from the disappointments of trying and trying again to apply positive attitude, gratitude and manifesting techniques that have left you incomplete, not quite there, confused or just plain empty. Hosted by world-class facilitators, at this retreat you will be led by a team, who each have a minimum 18 years of real life and life coaching experience.