Sacred Connection to Self

If you haven’t joined us yet in the mystical island of Bali, perhaps you can reach us amongst the enchanting waters of Croatia. Immerse yourself with us in Istria, the heart-shaped peninsula of the Aegean Sea. It’s no wonder that we’ve chosen Istria, the Greek goddess of the Soul was also the wife of the god of Love, Eros, as the next destination to explore the sacred depths of the mind, body and soul.  
You’ll retreat deep within yourself as we guide you to uncover any blocks, thoughts or behavioral patterns that  have been holding you a hostage away from from the life that you know deep in your bones that you deserve. Join us in a vast and untouched countryside nestled in a peaceful hamlet just outside the medieval castle town of Groznjan.
Are you ready for this?

Imagine passing 7 days to focus on your deep connection with Mother Earth in a land where wild asparagus and mushrooms grow and truffles are endemic. Each day you will be reminded to reconnect with the intrinsic elements of earth and fire, as we practice Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama. As a result, you will forge a renewed alignment between your body, mind and soul, beginning with the spine. This will invigorate the organs and the intellect, within days you will reconnect with an alertness and vitality misplaced. We’ll pamper you with body therapy deep within the depths of the earth in a charming and modernized, restored cellar of a late 19th century villa. We will assist you in slowing down, listening to your breath and your heartbeat. You’ll settle at dusk marvelling at the last of the swallows dipping with synchronicity, skill and grace for sips of water from the spacious swimming pool.  


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