Bali 20-26 September 2020

Are you ready to cross that barrier? 

Note from facilitators: Dates for this retreat may change to October depending on when the travel restrictions are lifted in Bali. Thank you for your patience.

Our Signature Retreat in Bali includes 7 exclusive days of workshops, trainings, programs, and pampering. Meet our four specialists from around the world, who bear bonafide qualifications in serious disciplines such as :
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Body Alignment
  • Intuitive Healing
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Multidimensional Integration
  • Integrative Plant Based Nutrition
  • Ancient Pranayama
  • Balinese Sacred Healing Arts
  • Javanese Sacred Healing Arts
  • Light Language
  • Massage Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Body Balancing

Are you ready to step over the edge, spread your wings and fly

Your stay at one of our bespoke villas will be a memorable and life-changing experience. Our world-class, wellness and holistic facilitators will accompany you on a rich journey of self exploration and personal development. We will take you to you the edge of your boundaries. With us you’ll identify and explore your limiting beliefs and joyfully discard them. We’ll walk you to the edge of discomfort, and practice spreading your wings to fly. All the while, your needs will be met by our house staff and additional healing specialists.

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Are you ready to look and feel replenished, restored, revived and rejuvenated? 

Are you ready to take charge of your life? Your diet and nutrition? Your physical and mental wellness?

We are looking for twelve women, who are ready to transform their lives, their businesses, their relationships, their communities. Are you one of the twelve? Because if you are, we are ready for you!

Your journey will take place at one of our luxurious, private, tropical villas in the rice fields of Bali. You’ll feel safe, nourished and supercharged to reach your goals because your every need will be met by our fully equipped house staff and our body therapists. Meanwhile our team of world class facilitators will use their magic to assist you in stripping away the old and stepping confidently into the new.

Our retreats offer unique programs with 4:1 client-to-facilitator ratio. This means that you’ll have an intimate setting for deep reflection and personal development. But if this ratio is still too exposed for you, and you want even more exclusivity, then check out our Platinum Retreat.

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(Are you a leader in your field or community looking for more personal attention and transformational tools than what we offer in our Signature Retreat? Have a look at our Platinum Retreat.)

Are you ready to unlock and unleash your full potential?

Are you ready to be free of invisible forces that have been holding you back?

During this signature retreat we’ll explore the spaces of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. You’ll learn ancient techniques to reconnect with the self on a deep level. Plus we’ll teach you how to realign the body, mind and soul with new strategies. We use various powerful healing modalities for revealing and addressing stresses and traumas, that have been: 

  • operating undetected and unsupervised 
  • sabotaging your pursuits to success
  • creating repetitive negative experiences
  • prolonging chronic physical symptoms
  • implementing failed learning curves 
  • cementing faulty belief systems
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