Pandemic Care Resources

Our Present Best

It really doesn’t matter what your beliefs are about the events of 2020. By this point in time, if you’re able to read this,  you’ve been impacted mentally, physically and/or financially by COVID-19 and the international response to the causes and effects of the Corona Virus. 

Rest assured, we are all doing the best we can with the resources and knowledge that we have, based on our own individual and unique life experiences, to insure our own health and safeguard our loved ones. 

These times have hit collective and individual souls with fear, confusion, loss of control, uncertainty, frustration, overwhelm and grief. How do we hang in there and heal?

We are all inherently equipped with the sources of wisdom needed for optimum health and healing. During these times of uncertainty and duress, it’s fundamental that we make a habit to find nourishing moments to quiet the mind, relax the body and reconnect the soul.

Your Naturally Healthy Body

Your body is strong, healthy, and functioning. If not, it can be. Everyone has the natural ability to clean up biological imbalances in the body, which means a reduction of serious cases in our hospitals and rapid outpatient recovery. That’s right: our bodies have a phenomenal capacity for self regulating, regeneration and healing. Our cells are programmed to respond with remarkable efficiency and within seconds to any imbalance in the body. Our bodies are our friends. They want to survive and actually are more powerful than any drug in the world. If there’s an issue, we can address it. We can potentially regain healthy balance in a matter of days.

If you’re concerned and have not contacted a disease prevention health professional, then now is the perfect time. There are many  qualified nutritionists, yoga therapists, Pranic breathing teachers, trauma &stress release practitioners, naturopaths, herbalists, who have decades of experience, and access to self-healing tools, and information that can empower you. Why not relieve the pressure of the nurses and doctors, who are working at the vanguards in our hospitals? Maybe it’s time to take charge of your own health and find a disease prevention specialist who is a right fit for you.


I bet that you  already know that eating processed and refined foods create weakened bodies, susceptible to illness. You already know that eating a healthy diet with lots of colorful, fresh vegetables and fruits can boost your health. You already know that daily intake of vitamin D from natural sunlight regenerates the immune system. You know that regular body movement is essential to having a strong resistance to disease. You know that chronic stress, fatigue, lack of sleep and anxiety feed weak and unhealthy bodies. 

So take a moment to reflect and make some personal assessments:

  • Are you needing more information, encouragement, support?
  • Are you frustrated, confused or having some doubts and concerns? 
  • Do you know about the effectiveness of anti-viral essential oils?
  • Do you know how to catalyze vitamins and minerals, so that the body absorbs them at greater efficiency?
  • Have you thought of cold water therapy to increase the level of lymphocytes?
  • Did you know that fasting can reset and repair the body in just 3 days?
  • Are you ready to start your own yoga therapy program?
  • Did you know that we can intentionally increase oxygen intake and direct it inside our bodies to optimize our health?
  • Did you know that your gut health is a major indicator for a healthy body?
Emotional Exhaustion 

Remember that failure, loss, and feeling anxiety and uncertainty are parts of being human. If you don’t want to feel uncertainty, pain, confusion, abandonment, disillusion, despair, fear, embarrassment or any other “negative” emotion, then you are asking for death. Only dead people miss out on the complex experiences and sensations of life, like defeat, exhaustion and disappointment.

Now is the time for change, flexibilty and adaptation. Take a moment, right now and breathe deeply. Feeling fear is normal. But it is also a direct way to weaken the body. So is anxiety. It is important to have a competent and skilled network of friends, family, and/or professionals to help you process these emotions and stay healthy. If you know you need help, reach out. Get help. Now we have the occasion and liberty to reflect, align with our core values, evolve and affect positive worldwide change. This change starts with transparent information and individual empowerment.

You can begin to make fundamental changes by creating a strong and healthy mind, body and soul. For it is with these three pillars that we have clear and intentioned thinking, fortified immune systems, and wholesome, unbreakable spirits.

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