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What is Pranayama?

There is a New Age trend called Breathwork, which is sourced from the ancient art of Pranayama. Pranayama is one of the 8 limbs of Yoga, which is a part of the 5000 year old philosophy of Ayurveda. Pranayama is the purposeful direction of PRANA. 

Since we are in fact vibrational energy, it should be of no surprise that the physical, mental, etheric and emotional bodies can all be influenced and altered through intentional breath. Prana is life force energy. Prana is the vibrational energy that sustains life and the force to live. 

How we use PRANA, passively or with intention, informs the intelligent design of our existence. We can consciously choose to direct the forces that give us life. A guided Pranayama practice can not only heal the physical body, but also it can correct imbalances and create harmony in the relationship constellations of the practitioners life. 

What is Prana?

PRANA is often loosely translated as breath because life doesn’t exist without breath. There are many western teachers using a term called “breathwork” to refer to the art of Pranayama. But this is an imprecise reduction of the meaning of PRANA and the practice of Pranayama.

It is important to understand that all vibrating energies, and not just the breath, are PRANA. Therefore the practice of Pranayama is not simply the intentional movement of breath within the body, but instead it is also the movement of a multitude of vibrating energies throughout the body.

PRANA is vital energy. So it plays a crucial role in enhancing any activity or endeavor in our lives. Since is the hidden or potential energy in all beings, it’s also released to the fullest in times of danger. As the prime mover of all activity, it  is the life force within us. PRANA is physical, mental, intellectual, sexual, spiritual and cosmic energy.[1]


As a Holistic Facilitator and Coach, Maya Michelle has had numerous masters to teach her different Pranayama styles and techniques. She adapts and teaches different methods, depending on the circumstances and needs of each client. 

Distribution of PRANA energizes our being. Vibrational energies are vital to life. The breath is a mode of transport for energy and, with the practice of Pranayama we can transmit and store energy through the body, thereby increasing energy and stamina. If you are concerned about your quality of life during your senior years, or a chronic condition or pain, adding Pranayama to your daily life can help you to address your concerns. Daily practice of Pranayama yields:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved digestion
  • Mental clarity
  • Quality sleep
  • Optimized health
  • Elimination of headaches
  • Expansion of calmness, quietude and ease
  • Regulation of hormones
  • Elimination of chronic illness
  • Increased confidence

[1] BKS Iyengar, Light on Pranayama


Breath is the vehicle of consciousness and so, by its slow measured observation and distribution, we learn to tug our attention away from external desires toward a judicious, intelligent awareness.


Ujjayi Quadratic Breathing

We begin all of our Pranayama courses with a thorough assessment of your mental, physical and emotional health. All of our practices are non-aggressive and respectful of each individual’s sacred progression. 

Learn this simple technique and observe life-affirming changes with just 21 days of discipline and commitment.

Life of intention, clarity, ease and positive growth

  • Are you shaken, fed up and tired of chronic illness?
  • Are you fed up with the negativity in your life?
  • Are you ready for change?
  • What if there is a 20-minute daily practice that could reconnect you with your body and your passion for life?


8-Breath Pranayama

Through a combination of eight powerful breathing techniques, integrated into a daily practice, this sequence is designed to heal, realign, focus and empower. 

You will master a non-aggressive method of pranic breathing that is measured and sequenced to achieve gradual and safe results. We will honor and adjust in accordance with your body’s receptivity and readiness. With proper guidance, training and dedication you will safely correct imbalance, disease, stress and disorder. 

In addition to her Iyengar Yoga training with various Senior Iyengar Teachers, Maya Michelle also apprenticed for one year with Sushma Kunwar of New Delhi, who trained under the direct descendent of the Yogacharya architect of a highly treasured, yet little known 8-breath Pranic Sequence.

Iyengar Pranayama

In our Iyengar Yoga programs Maya Michelle dedicates one week to teaching Iyengar Pranayama each month. In the May 2002 issue of Dipika, the Iyengar Yoga Maida Journal, Dr Geeta S. Iyengar was interviewed to speak about yoga students practicing pranayama. She understands how the focus on breathing can seem  monotonous for the beginner student. The practice of pranayama is an inward-going process. It is very subtle and more challenging to the mind, when comparing to the more out-ward focused practice of the Asana postural practice. But with the practice and education to yoga, with time, patience and dedication one can develop the required intra-vision. 

Since the effects of pranayama are not often seen or felt instantaneously, the first sessions of pranayama might seem pointless or frustrating. But pranayama practice is essential to the yogic journey. As the student gets closer to their breath, the mind begins to settle and the cellular body begins to settle. Then they can come into contact with their inner energy. It is like planting a seed in the soil. It takes time, but the sprouting eventually does occur. 
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Relevant Certifications & Trainings


2012 Body Balancing Biodynamic Massage Therapy. SHIASTU SCUOLA, OSHO DIVINE HEALING ARTS. MILAN, ITALY

2010 Ayurvedic, Swedish, Shiatsu techniques (200 hours). RELAXATION MASSAGE THERAPY with Marc Nouvellot. NICE, FRANCE

2007-2008 Chiropractic Therapy, NETWORK SPINAL ANALYSIS with Dr Daniel Blewitt. MILAN, ITALY

2007 Pranayama Breathing Techniques Ashram Delhi, India, EIGHT BREATHS TRADITION PRANAYAMA with Sushma Kanwar. MILAN, ITALY

2004-2007 5th Level Ji, Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style. PROFESSIONAL WUSHU KUNG FU ASSOCIATION with Diego Zanon & Walter Lorini. MILAN, ITALY



2019 Junior Intermediate I & II Training IYENGAR YOGA PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT with Olop Arpipi, Senior Teacher. BALI, INDONESIA

2015 Junior Intermediate I & II Training. IYENGAR YOGA PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT with Carole Beillargeon, Senior Teacher. BALI, INDONESIA

2015-2017 Workshops and Retreats with Judith Adank, Senior Teacher. BALI, INDONESIA.


2013 – 2019 Iyengar Yoga Institute with Olop Arpipi, Senior Teacher. BALI, INDONESIA.

2013 Certified Iyengar®Yoga Instructor, Introductory II (880 hours). ANUTTARA INSTITUT DE YOGA IYENGAR with Christian Pisano, Senior Advanced Teacher, & June Whittaker, Senior 3 Teacher. NICE, FRANCE

2012 CONVENTION NATIONALE, Association Française de Yoga Iyengar with Senior Iyengar Teachers from RIMYI including Abhijata S. Iyengar,  NANTERRE, FRANCE.

2012 Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Base II (880 hours). ANUTTARA INSTITUT DE YOGA IYENGAR with Christian Pisano, Senior Advanced Teacher, & June Whittaker, Senior 3 Teacher. NICE, FRANCE

2011 Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Base I (880 hours). ANUTTARA INSTITUT DE YOGA IYENGAR with Christian Pisano, Senior Advanced Teacher, & June Whittaker, Senior 3 Teacher. NICE, FRANCE

2008 – 2013 ANUTTARA INSTITUT DE YOGA IYENGAR with Christian Pisano, Senior Advanced Teacher, & June Whittaker, Senior 3 Teacher. NICE, FRANCE

2007 – 2008 Iyengar Yoga Institute Milano with Eugenia Dalla Valle, Junior Intermediate Teacher. MILAN, ITALY