Embodiment of Self

Embodiment of Self: Connection to Source

6-Week Online Program

Join our online Master Program of Self Discovery. This is where you’ll get to conceptualize, define and practice re-centering and grounding techniques. Consequently, you’ll establish firm habits for building a deeper understanding of and connection with the Self. With this foundation, combined with newfound curiosity and expanded awareness, you’ll begin a safe and gentle breakdown of the old aspects of the mind, body and soul. Plus, you’ll begin to live and feel your full embodiment and presence.

Let us provide you with new tools and guide you in new ways on how to recreate the heart, recode the mind, realign in the body and reconnect more deeply with the soul. Because having these tools and the skill to use them, will give you better perspective of your life path and the choices you have to make. Here’s your chance to work online with Maya Michelle and Leisa Nadler. This is the journey that initiates life course correction.

Heart-Centered Mastermind

In this six-week, divine mastermind program you’ll uncover the hidden parts of you that are causing life misalignment, self sabotage and disconnection. First off, we kick straight into this program with precise tasks and guided journaling to implement clarity on where your focus will be best placed to prepare for deep and intense shadow work.

Next, we set clear and precise objectives. And we make a game plan that will lead you directly where you need and want to go. We’ll shine a light in the closets, cracks and crevices, because identifying and releasing core wounds is our genius. It’s time to end the paralyzing patterns to forward movement. With us, we’ll launch straight into group healings, clearing and realignments to set you on the life track you desire and deserve.

An Online Soul Pod

Through weekly online Zoom sessions, private group sharing and weekly activities we’ll collaborate to recode the mind, eliminating those hardwired subconscious tapes that are creating static in your life story. With a group of like-minded people from around the world, we create a sacred soul pod, where we can safely identify and remove the biggest blocks, the frustrating patterns, the limiting behaviors and outdated ancestral codes that are preventing you from living the life off ease and joy that you deserve. As a result, we will communally collapse archaic and outdated timelisme. Through metaphysical attunement and realignment and light language we will cancel karmic ties and erase karmic debt.

Genius Integration

This is a next level embodiment program where you will download the tools and skill sets though meditation, breathwork, source nutritional imprinting and full mind-body-soul integration. So you’ll fully digest the purpose of grounding, full-bodied presence and clairessence. And we will guide you through deeper understandings of intuition, connect you more profoundly and assuredly with the Higher Self and all your Spirit Guides and assist you in seeing beyond the veils of reality. You’ll learn how your complete energy system works, so you can use it to its fullest potential. After connecting with your true passion and genius, you’ll feel more confident, courageous and clear about your life’s path and purpose.

“Maya and Leisa are a powerful duo that each bring their own perspective and expertise to the program. They work together well and the combination of their guidance and the energy work done throughout the program busts through blocks faster than anything I have ever experienced, and I continued to have moments of integration and new awareness weeks after the sessions ended. I barely recall the issues I brought into the coaching, and I think that is a testimony in itself to how deep the work done in this program is. I definitely recommend Mind Body Soul Retreats, and having only done the online version so far, can only imagine the healing that takes place with them in person.”
– Stephanie Davis

VIP Additional Option

If you’re ready to transition into fifth gear and drive straight into your next level, the VIP Option is for you. Fast track your self mastery with personal guidance, transmission, channeling and healings from our two expert coaches.  For 8 weeks you will have direct access for your individual support to launch into the destiny you absolutely deserve and are ready for right now. If you are absolutely ready to say, HELL YES! to life and take the action steps necessary for course correction, realignment and acceleration into the new you, this VIP Option is a sure deal for you.

With the VIP Option you’ll receive:
  • personalized weekly coaching calls to keep you on track with the mastery program
  • direct access for coaching and healing to address any unique stumbling blocks specific to your journey
  • recorded individualized guided meditations to soothe your transition and encoding 
  • healings sessions for your unique journey to maintain balance, stability and greater support through the mastery integration
  • integration transmissions and channelings for deeper clarity and specific psychic downloading
  • 2 follow up after program coaching calls to  to guide you and you fully integrate this mastery program
Could one conversation change your life?

Find out by scheduling a free 20-minute Mind Body Soul Chat. Explore how Iyengar yoga sessions, individual coaching sessions and online mastery programs can work for you. Click the green WhatsApp button located at the bottom right side of this page or add us to your contact list and email us at info@mindbodysoulretreats.org


It seems everybody and anybody these days is and can be a “Life Coach”, take a quick look on Facebook and Instagram it is flooded with self help gurus.  Just pay your money and BAM !! instant qualification to give people advice on how to navigate through this complex and ever-changing world.  

Life is not easy, there are no 10 quick easy ways to spirituality or 5 steps to fulfilment, happiness can not be bought for $599 or $5,999.  There is not one answer and no quick fix.  My point….. it takes more than just a beautiful photo and an inspirational quote to be able to help someone truly heal and find themselves.  Everybody is capable of being able to tune into oneself and help themselves make the shift.  All the tools are already there, you just have to be willing to put the work in and find the “RIGHT” coach to guide you along the way.  

Now when I say “RIGHT” coach, I mean one that will:

  • Actually, show up for you.
  • Call you on your bullshit.
  • Guide you.
  • Give the right tools.
  • Allow you to vent.
  • Allow you to cry.
  • Allow you express yourself. 
  • Give you permission to be you.
  • A nonjudgmental space. 
  • Honor you. 
  • Respect you.
  • And one that actually has life experience.

This is exactly what you get when you sign up for the “Embodiment of Self” program.

This program enabled me to find meaning, purpose and joy in the day to day mundane rituals that is my life. I have had huge amounts of personal growth, been able to find my inner strength, my voice and most importantly find myself.  

From the moment you sign up to moment you complete your last task you automatically feel at ease as you realize that Maya and Leisa are there for you the whole way through this journey.  

The tools are powerful, I have managed to experience a major shift in my ability to be calmer and less reactive in situations that would normally trigger me.   I have embraced my fears, overcome roadblocks and barriers and I have also managed along with their help and vast knowledge, develop and integrate a daily wellness and mindset routine that has dramatically impacted all areas of my life.  I now have a greater sense of control, a more positive attitude and a more pro-active approach to my career, health and the relationships with my loved ones.   

I have finally been able to work through my emotions and create a workable life balance.

The tools you receive are for life.

Thank you Maya and Leisa for helping me get my life back and helping me discover the real me.   

– Jaydene Hughes, Queensland, Australia 

Maya Michelle and Leisa Nadler are an incredible team. I did their 6 week online Embodiment course with 9 other women and was amazed at how in tune they were with each of our needs. They created a beautifully supportive online environment where we weren’t afraid to express ourselves and were all supportive of one another.

Maya and Leisa constantly gave their time and energy to the group to the point where it felt like they were physically with you. Every little word or comment from them was gold and the 90 min sessions they did just blew my mind. The ‘homework’ that accompanied these sessions was so on point and of life long help. I still use the exercises to this day and I’ve seen so much change in my life. I am amazed at how much I’ve learnt about myself and the world I’ve created.

There is so much to say about Maya and Leisa’s work but words just don’t do justice to what I experienced. If I had to choose two words to describe what I went through, they would be enlightenment and growth.

I absolutely  recommend working with these two exceptional women. The chance to work with them together is incredible. Their courses are invaluable and will give you the ‘tools’ to make the life you want.

– Natasha Lambert, Rome, Italy

Maya & Leisa’s program came into my life at the perfect time. It was the answer to loads of questions that were becoming quite daunting as I felt more and more stuck in a life that wasn’t meeting any of my needs. I had intuitions, ideas about how to change things but it was like I couldn’t ‘connect the dots’. I would always find an excuse (I don’t have time for this, I have to work, I have to get this or that done…). Then the lock-down came. And the Embodiment of Self came. And I had no excuse. Nowhere to hide!

It wasn’t an easy journey. In fact, a few times my whole self started fighting against it, like in a rehab program. But it was definitely worth it. The program helped me connect the dots. And it’s not like after completing it everything is just fine and life magically flows without problems of fears. Not at all. The program gave me the tools I was missing, as well as a good push to take that last step. I would recommend it to anyone who’s struggling to find answers and feels like nobody cares about their questions.

– Isabella Zampieri, Milan, Italy