Retreat Services

I was 14 when I attended my first retreat. It was during these times as a youth leader, that I remember having my first sparks of curiosity about the soul experience and opportunities of transformation sacred spaces away from the routine of home life. Since then, I’ve attended countless numbers of retreats, workshops, bootcamps and master programs.

I see Generations X, Y and Z as quite fortunate and unique in comparison with previous generations, as we have had so many more opportunities to experience retreats. It’s almost a strange thing, if you’ve not been on one. If you think about it, it seems we’ve co-created a world where we have been collectively nudged to embrace time away for reflection and introspection, for personal development and healing. These are periods for growth that are a fundamental part of creating a better world. These pauses from life for reflection and improvement are luxury that our parents and grandparents didn’t have. 

Retreats and workshops are my passion. I am honored by the special space, commitment and time that participants give. I love the inspiration, vulnerability, connection and growth that always happens. I’m inspired by the insights, community and collective evolution. As such, I’m always enthusiastic about the various modalities we can use to transform ourselves and consequently our communities and the world at large.

I’ve been facilitating and co-facilitating retreats, covering a wide variety of subjects worldwide since 2010. Here is a short list…

  • Team Building
  • Family Constellations
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Entrepreneurial Business Development
  • Theta Healing
  • Sacred Plant Medicine Healing
  • Metaphysical Anatomy Process
  • Raw Food
  • Water Fasting
  • Juice Cleansing
  • Theta Healing
  • Source Awakening
  • NLP 
  • Hypnosis
  • Men’s Personal Development
  • Women’s Personal Development
  • Stress & Trauma Healing
  • Authentic Communication

I’m honored to connect with you as a colleague in whatever role you play: therapist, doctor, coach, instructor, manager or whatever role you play. I would be happy to speak with you about your needs and plans for your upcoming retreat or workshop. Once you have set your retreat theme and daily objectives, I can adapt my services to complement the program you teach. I offer support, presentations, classes and services in the following areas…

  • Yoga
  • Pranayama Breathwork
  • QiGong 
  • Menu Planning
  • Nutrition 
  • Energy Healing
  • Events Planning
  • Stress & Trauma Recovery
  • Yoga Equipment Rental

I loved working with Maya! She was powerhouse of knowledge, experience and motivation and gives each student her very best! Her eagle eyes also caught the special desired needs of each student that she worked with in our group setting. Her explanations of how the body works and why certain areas can become problematic and what to do about it was always extemely insightful for our students. Not only did they learn yoga, but they also learned how to connect with their body on a deeper spiritual and physical level.

– Evette Rose, Metaphysical Anatomy


Maya was a delight to have facilitate at my raw food retreat. She had a very intuitive style of teaching and worked in with the flow of our week, taking my guests on the journey of evolution, growth and expansion that tied in and complemented their detox and upgrade. I would highly recommend Maya for your retreat or any workshop!

–  Amanda, The Raw Food Kitchen


I’ve worked with Maya Michelle on more than 20 of my men’s personal development retreats. She is a true leader with a wealth of inspiration to share. Each time  she adapts her expertise of Pranayama and Yoga to fit my evolving programs perfectly. Maya is a true Zen master who packs a powerful feminine punch.

–  Leigh, Team Beastmode International


Maya worked on numerous Bali Spirit retreats for me as a morning yoga teacher. She’s very attentive and dedicated with her work. My clients connected easily and quickly with her commitment and passion. There was one time in particular when she showed extraordinary dedication and was fundamental in designing a last minute, special dietary menu for one of my clients. She always brought patience, kindness, encouragement and support in all of our engagements. She has my highest recommendation. 

  Errol, Source Awakening Retreats

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