A Better World: 2020 Vision

Why all of this personal development work? Don’t you ever think you are good enough? I get this question a lot. I don’t see self improvement work as a declaration of my deficits, weaknesses and a lack of wholeness. I have sensed for a long time that our old world is dying and a new world is ready to be born. Have you? What does this world look like to you?

For me a better world is not run by politicians and royal families who placate the masses with platitudes and buzzwords like equality, economic stimulus and growth economy, all the while still pushing fiat currency and referring to the vast majority of humans on this planet as migrant workers, military, consumers and employees. See The Great Reset.

We are not machines.

We are not employees.

We are not consumers.

Being continuously referred to as such is disturbing. What do you think?

I see a world that is truthful and transparent. In this new and better world humans are fully developed in their ability to connect deeply with themselves, knowing and respecting their emotional guidance systems with full competence processing. I see a world where humans are conscious of their needs and how to meet them, while still living in harmonious congruence with all sentient beings including our beloved Mother Earth.

Envisioning a New Landscape

In an effort to achieve this vision, all of my work is focused on assisting and guiding in meditative healing processes and self discovery and self knowing. I’m convinced that sharing my knowledge of

  • soul nourishing food that sustains your health
  • deeper body connections with Iyengar Yoga and Pranayama (mindful breathing)
  • healing the hidden or neglected wounds with Trauma Recovery

are highly effective pathways for establishing this new and better world. I do not have children, but I am committed to spending my life making this world better than what it was when I arrived. I do that by addressing the gaping holes of identity, sovereignty and self connection that our cultures, families, schools have not taught nor practiced and that have unfortunately in some cases even reinforced the opposite – that of disconnection from the self. I’ve learned time and again how changing my inner landscape affects directly the outer landscape of my world. In essence, my life experience has shown me that Mahatma Gandhi was right. I can become the change I wish to see in this world. I believe in the core of my being that we are here to …

  • Love ourselves and one another.
  • Know ourselves with full integrity to honor our truth.
  • Access and share our unique genius to co-create a harmonious world.

Let’s work together to envision and co-create a new and better world that represents true equality. Let’s envision a world where our waters are clean, clear, and available to all; where colorful, organic food is accessible for all; where debt, human trafficking, slave wages, prison work camps and sweatshops do not exist; where humans live without artificial borders and soul-crushing limitations imposed by arbitrary concepts like caste, class and nationality.


With true self knowledge and inner healing we can end our complicit involvement with leaders, corporations and institutions that behave in unjust, duplicitous, and unethical ways. We can grow to understand and see how primal fears of isolation, scarcity and predators are unconsciously creating an unsustainable and dangerous and uninhabitable world. And instead we can dispel these untruths, knowing that

  • We are all rightful inheritors of the lands and waters this earth.
  • We are safe as guardians of this benevolent and generous planet.
  • Our connection in truth and transparency creates harmony, abundance and mutual growth.

Through introspective, healing and developmental work that I lead in both groups and privately, we can work towards betterment and change. These practices, once learned and competency has been established, must be put into daily action. I provide a monthly Mastery Membership program where you can practice with others who are skilled in conscious communication and authentic relating. There are many beautiful, artful and synergistic ways to practice being truthfully you in safe spaces and connecting harmoniously with others. Here are some examples creating music in a band, Afro-Latin social dancing, Tango, improvisational stage acting, martial arts disciplines, and WOOFing and working on organic farm cooperatives.