Bali Retreat

The Sacred Connection

Get ready to realign the mind and body and find your true expression of the soul. Join us for 7 glorious days in Bali, the Land of the Gods, for a magical and life-changing retreat experience. 

Meet like-minded women and kindred souls.

At the Sacred Connection to Self we share true sisterhood. You’ll be invited to leave your armour at the door, and explore your shadows, your unconscious programming, your challenges and your dreams. 

Our team of expert facilitators will walk you through the fires, as you burn away the old you and step into your new confident and focused self…

Are you ready for this life-altering, nourishing, 7-day experience?

Join us in beautiful Bali, the Land of Miracles, where we will excavate what is buried deep within you. You’ll be challenged in what you have been taught and expected to believe to be true about this existence and about yourself. 

You’ll wash away all that excessive burden, confusion, distraction, whatever isn’t serving your highest purpose, as we bring it to the surface, expose it and dispose of it.

This retreat is for you if….
  • you are ready to ascend to a higher level of consciousness
  • you are a leader and looking to step fully into your power
  • you are ready to unleash the infinite potential that lies within you
  • you are ready to make high energy quantum shifts
  • you want to tap into the fountain of knowledge that will help you to address and release the root fears of scarcity and abandonment
  • you are ready for inner healing and releasing of past trauma so you can synchronise with your highest energy source
  • you are ready not to care what other people think and walk your own path in life with total conviction and powerful presence in everything you do
  • you are ready to release those dark shadows that are keeping you locked in your safe zone
  • you are ready to be pampered by a competent five star staff, massaged by expert hands and nourished with super healthy nutritious food for seven days
  • you have decided that it is time to meet your upper level genius and the next level version of YOU
  • you want to fully connect with your inner child and bring more play and joy into your life
  • you’re ready to re-write your money story to one of unstoppable flow and alignment with all that you desire
  • you love yourself enough to do the deeper work
  • you know you can HAVE IT ALL and you are now ready to claim it
  • you are ready to be aligned, balanced and grounded with your true self with all blocks, stories and past patterns removed

Are you a VIP?

This is the option for those who know they are a VIP and want to have it ALL – now. No more playing small and simply dipping one toe in… time for ALL IN! Consistency is key to rapid growth. These extra must-haves are what will separate you from the others in your life and in business. Remember you are a leader in your community, your workplace, your family, so you do what it takes. As a full commitment to self, VIP bonuses are a game changer. You will move past the seven days of massive transformation into the beyond of deep growth and rapid expansion; submerging  in unconditional love, our electric energy field, divine vibration, our toolbox for creating leaders and wealth…. long after the retreat is finished!
  • Your master suite will be in the elite first class main villa with complete accommodation for a VIP Queen
  • You will receive a 30-minute Integration Call with a lead facilitator and remain connected after the retreat during the should integration period. This call will keep you in the explosive expansion of your life and help you to integrate the new identity you will create during the retreat.
  • You will receive a Mind Body Soul Alignment & Reconnection Online Session with Maya Michelle.
  • You will receive a signed copy of “Her Art of Surrender” by co-author Leisa Nadler. This book is a number one best seller, a collection of inspiring life stories of Goddesses, just like you, who have overcome obstacles in their lives.
  • You will dine in five star luxury with an exclusive dinner with your lead retreat facilitators the night before the start day of the retreat. This is as close to us that you can get, a captured audience, to ask anything your sould desires and be in the energy of the beautiful heart-centred lead facilitators. 
  • You will receive an extra luxurious three hour spa treatment, whatever you desire will be yours! 

What propels you to lead a meaningful life?

Your inner voice will command that you step into what the wild woman inside of you knows to be true. You will soak into and nurture your Divine Feminine, where opportunities for self awareness and personal growth abide. You will do this in a sacred and safe space, supported and encouraged by our expert team of facilitators.

This powerful healing retreat will blow you away! It is designed for women who are ready to receive the next level and beyond in health, relationships and abundance – whatever you are calling in. This retreat is for you, if you are ready to fully embody the feminine powerhouse that you so divinely are in life, in love and in business…

No more stories

No more income ceilings

No more playing safe

 No more self sabotage

 No more limiting beliefs

 No more excuses.

You know you were destined for greatness and you are among the few with the courage, strength and tenacity to excel in business, pursue your passions and live the life you deserve. Guided by the great spirit of the Green Goddess of Bali, this retreat will whisk you away on a journey connecting you to the divine powerful goddess that you are. You will fully embody your greatness, re-establish your self esteem, confidence and self worth, and you will take complete charge of your life. 

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