Resources for 2020

Well, we can laugh or cry, but we cannot hide. 2020 is so far the year that offers a massive kick up the derrière. It’s the year of the Bruised Buttocks for All. The human collective is put to the test. As adults, even though most of us are squeezed, most of us got handed down ineffective and even damaging tools, even though most of us are traumatized ourselves, collectively we aren’t doing enough. We are passing the buck. We are leaving a mess of a planet for the children, and most of them know it. So, will we take this wake up call? Will we do better than good enough? Will we pass through to the other side? Probably not unscathed. Rest assured, this is a momentous time for reckoning. This is a time for serious soul searching and an aligning of core values. Do you know yours?

  • Are you acting, speaking, living with intention?
  • Are you surrounded by compassionate, competent, evolving people?

In these days we are confronted with multiple crises of thought-consciousness.

  • Will you stay the course of numbness and amnesia and selective tolerance?
  • Or are you ready to self evaluate, learn, and join the ranks of like-minded souls for a long overdue collective human transformation?
  • Are you ready to question our complicity to classism, racism, misogyny, speciesism, widespread oppression, abuse and human trafficking?
Let’s share a bit of humor before you head over to free resources on the Anti-Racism and Pandemic Care pages. Laughter is good for the mind, body and soul. Breathe deep, let that laughter rumble low in the belly.